Wep Ronpet 2017

This is the first year I’ve properly done Wep Ronpet, and let me tell you, it was pretty great. (Even though figuring out when Sirius/Sopdet rose prior to the sunrise around here was a little difficult. Why must you make me do math?) I kinda fucked up the Epagomenal Days because I didn’t honor Aset on the fourth day so She had to share with Nebthet (sorry, Aset). Aset in the morning when I woke up on day 5, Nebthet in the evening before I went to bed.

I used my bright green YOLO shotglass to offer water. I thought Wesir would get a kick out of that, at least.

On each Epagomenal Day, I told each Netjer that I would like to work with Them more in the future…help. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. But I really would like to expand aspects of my Kemetic practice, even though my seasonal practice involving Bast and the Wolf is working just fine for me.

The day itself dawned…cloudy and rainy, unfortunately. Which bummed me out something fierce, because I wanted to put my Bast statues on the sill to recharge in the sun. It’s going to be cloudy and rainy all week. Gross. Not that I mind that, but I really would enjoy some sun, despite the fact that it makes this blasted hellscape hotter than, uh, hell.

But when I woke up…I really did feel something in the middle of my chest, something hopeful, something…I don’t know what to call it. Numinous, maybe? I don’t have the religious or spiritual words for it, but it felt that way. It felt good.

Zep Tepi, motherfuckers.

I guess it felt like everything was spiritually reborn and renewed. Zep Tepi, the First Time, the renewal of the universe, the cycle beginning anew. When I was walking to work, I looked at everything with new eyes, trying to see the glory of the world. And the rain even helped with that. Rain is necessary for new life, so it’s appropriate for Wep Ronpet in its own way.

And – interestingly – on the way home, I started thinking about the world, and I felt compassion for Donald Trump. Granted, he is still Not Great because of what he does and represents, but everything was born anew, which meant he was, too. Humanity creates isfet, entropy. He hastens entropy, and probably doesn’t even know he’s doing it. An instrument of Apep. So for a brief moment, I felt compassion for him.

When I got home, I took a nap (naturally), scrubbed up, put on a nice dress, put on some cool Egyptian music, and grabbed the post-it note I’d drawn Apep on, or as I have been calling It, “bitch snake”.

I had a lot of fun doing that execration. Stomping on It with my left foot and yelling, telling it to get out of here with Its isfet, that It’s not welcome here and never will be.

Then I cut It up and threw every piece into a fire. Once It had all burned up, I took the ashes, put them in a plastic bag, and threw them into the dumpster.

Execrations are lit, yo. 🔥🔥🔥

I sat in front of the house shrine for a while, each candle for the Epagomenal Days lit, my house blessing/protection candle lit, burning some incense, my papyrus model of the solar barque sitting on the altar (honestly, best Goodwill find ever). I spoke out loud to the Netjeru (I never do that, ever, I’m usually too scared/shy, I usually just think), and it was…nice. A friend of mine once told me about being “called to speak” at Quaker meeting, when you feel the urge to say what’s on your mind. That happened to me at her wedding. It was kind of like that.

So I talked, and I meditated. And then I ordered some Persian food to share.

Great success? Great success.

(Y’all, when I was looking up stuff about Wep Ronpet and Zep Tepi, you would not believe the number of ancient aliens-type sites I found. Amusing stuff, but not what I was looking for right then.

Maybe I’ll read it later…)



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Beri, 27, a tired pagan who cares about cats, food, historical reenactment, and not much else. Mentally ill with no mentally chill, and with a lovely dash of chronic pain to boot. A graduate of pain. Mouth of a sailor. Rated M for Mature. Either a smol bean or a stone-cold bitch. Can be bribed with tacos.

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