Pagan Blog Project 2014: “T” is for…Tea!

Ah, tea! It’s not for everyone, I grant, but I love it. I’m not sure how or why I started enjoying tea, but I really, really do. It always calms me down and helps me find a spot of peace in my day. Doesn’t hurt that, in a pinch, it’s basically become my default offering for two of my deities and spirits.

Chai is almost exclusively dedicated to Bast. With sugar, because I enjoy sugar. Almost any sort of chai will do, though I think She enjoys the loose-leaf rooibos chai I have.

The Wolf is very very particular about his tea. Earl Grey, in a very specific mug, two sugars, and a splash of milk. He gets very agitated when I don’t have milk for his tea.

Usually when I make tea, I sit there, breathing in the steam, my fingertips on the hot mug, and I say who the tea is for and that I hope they enjoy it. Then I leave it to sit for several minutes while I write or meditate. After that, I drink it!

It’s a simple ritual, but I find that it works for me, and for them, too.




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