Pagan Blog Project 2014: “R” is for Rituals

One of the ways I connect best with my deities and spirits is by having regular or semiregular rituals. By “rituals” I don’t mean the whole call-the-quarters, set-the-circle deal – I mean something as simple as just taking a deep breath and talking.

Every night, if I’m not too tired, I make sure to give everyone their dues – first honoring Bast, then moving on to the retinue of spirits, thanking them for watching over me in the day and helping me become a better person. Usually this takes the form of me sitting in bed, murmiring these nightly prayers quietly into a darkened room. In the morning, I do my sit-ups for the Assassin, keeping my day’s goal in mind all the while. I’ve found it helps me focus.

Oftentimes I dedicate my tea to someone or other; Bast usually gets any chai I drink, whereas Earl Grey (two sugars, splash of milk) goes to the Wolf. When I can, I like to sit in front of the Wolf’s shrine with a cup of tea and the little tea light, and share it there. Coffee goes to the Mechanic, often in exchange for a little jolt to help me through whatever problem I face in the day. I sit with the beverage, I smell it, and I leave it for several minutes, listening to music that reminds me of the entity in question before I drink it.

I rarely do complex rituals; for one, I usually don’t have the energy or the time. By doing these few things, I find that it’s easier to get myself into a spiritual mindset throughout the day.


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