Pagan Blog Project 2014: “N” is for Nicknames

I have a lot of nicknames for the spirits and entities I work with. Sometimes it’s because I’m trying to obscure their identities (or at least, trying to keep who they are a bit under wraps). Sometimes it’s because I’m more comfortable using an epithet than a personal name. Sometimes it’s because if the entity has a name, it ain’t sharing. (Lookin’ at you, Wolf.)

Here’s a brief rundown of some nicknames I use for some people in my practice.


Nicknames: My Lady, Invisible Paw, Eye of Ra, Devouring Mother

These are all classical epithets for Bast, as far as I have read.

The Daemon

Nicknames: My Daemon, my Self, Cat Who Walks By Himself, my Guiding Star

My daemon is basically me learning to listen to my own conscience. He shows up as a certain variety of cat. Really, this is all self-explanatory.

The Assassin

Nicknames: Assassin (with a sweet tooth), Outcast, Walker-on-the-Edges, He Who Changes His Own Name, Man of Many Faces, the Wounded Jackal

The Assassin relies on not being easily found and disguising himself when he is. He also seems to enjoy candy offerings.

The Mechanic

Nicknames: Sainted Mechanic, Merchant of Death

The Mechanic is good, but he is not nice. He will deal death to anyone who harms him and his, and he will not feel sorry about it.

The Horned Wolf

Nicknames: Horned Wolf, Bone Wolf, Wolf of a Thousand Pelts, the Wolf of Autumn, the Lantern-Bearer, Snow-Born

The Horned Wolf’s epithets are all self-explanatory, I feel. He’s very much tied to autumn and winter, and the lantern is symbolic of his status as guide.

My City

Nicknames: Iron-Veined, Limestone-Hearted, Oft-Cursed, Seat of Law

The City is Washington, DC. The iron veins are the Metro; the limestone heart is the facing on several Federal buildings downtown.


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