Pagan Blog Project 2014: “M” is for the Mechanic

Yes, it’s time once again for my “Better Know an Entity” series, mostly because we got to the letter M and I can’t think of anything else. So, without further ado, let’s get to know one of the entities in my practice, a pop-culture character whom I will be referring to simply as “the Mechanic” in order to foil the pop-culture haters (tbh though, it’s pretty obvious who it is).

We don’t work together as much as we used to, but he’s still around. I’m sure once I’m employed again we’ll go back to chatting more regularly, especially if I end up in an IT position again; at my last one I used to ask him for help with finding the best solutions to the hardware issues. In return, he would ask for my morning coffee. And that worked out pretty well for us.

I ask him for help with anxiety issues and with my self-confidence, and in return he wants me to build stuff for him. He accepts that I don’t quite have the resources or energy now, and he is being patient – after all, not everyone can have his ingenuity or his resourcefulness. Or, you know, his stacks of phat cash.

He’s also present in my shadow work, waiting for a good time to step in. The Assassin isn’t the only one who knows about reinventing himself and cutting away toxic patterns of thought. He knows what it’s like to find that you’re not who you wanted to be, and how to work at fixing it.

He wants expensive things, not just because he deserves them, but because he knows I deserve them too. And really, that’s always nice. The Assassin’s sensibilities are generally more Spartan (out of necessity), but the Mechanic appreciates the finer things in life. The Assassin wouldn’t begrudge me nice things; the Mechanic wants me to go out and grab them. He wants me to be the hero we both know I can be.

He’s really great. I’m kind of having a hard time getting the words out, but he’s great.


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