Pagan Blog Project 2014: “K” is for Kneeling and Other Forms of Worship

I screwed my knee up pretty bad seven weeks ago. I don’t have health insurance, so I haven’t gotten an MRI for it or anything,  but it looks like when I fell, popping my knee out, and hit the ground, popping it back in, I tore my MCL and possibly the meniscus.

Suffice it to say, I won’t be doing a lot of kneeling for a while. Nor my usual devotional morning workout. Not that I do a lot of kneeling to begin with, anyway; my altar setup isn’t in such a place as would warrant kneeling, and most if not all of the entities I honor/worship wouldn’t be too keen on it even if I had the room.

So the way I worship might be seen as strange or irreverent from a distance.  I’m new to this whole deal, so to speak; my family didn’t celebrate any religious holidays more than the usual American way of doing Christmas and Easter (presents and chocolate, mostly). The multiple-step rituals and the prostration never made an appearance in my life other than the few times I had to go to Mass for some cousin’s baptism here or a funeral there, so I don’t have too much to go on for reference.

I’m wingin’ it.

Usually what I do is I fill my offering bowl with cool filtered water from the fridge and ferry it back to my room for Bast. I light the candle I have for Her – an autumn scent, spicy and warm and like my sinuses are being hugged – and if I’ll be around for at least thirty minutes, I light a cone of sandalwood incense for Her. I sit in front of the altar, on my bed; sometimes I talk to Her, sometimes I just bow my head in silent reflection. This is an intermittent ritual. Sometimes I do it daily, sometimes I do it every other week. I make sure I’m washed and clean beforehand, to hold to Kemetic standards of ritual purity. Aside from this, though, I don’t usually hold to a ritual format. Sometimes I share a cup of tea with Her, sitting on my bed and just being there. Sometimes I do divination to see if She has any messages for me that haven’t quite penetrated my thick skull yet.

My spiritual life started getting a whole lot easier when I realized that I didn’t have to adhere to anyone else’s guidelines. What works for me and for my gods and spirits…that’s good enough.


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