Pagan Blog Project 2014: “H” is for the Horned Wolf

If you read my tumblr, which is where a lot of my day-to-day spiritual stuff gets posted when it’s not buried under recipes I will probably never use, art references I will probably never use, and Marvel gifs, you can probably see that there’s a new kid on the block, practice-wise.

Well. He’s not exactly new – from what I can tell he’s been around for a while – but his veneration is a recent thing for me, so I’m pretty excited and full of feels about it. I figured I’d use this week’s late post to expound a little on him.

An image of the Horned Wolf,made on a dollmaker.

This is as close as I can get to recreating the Wolf on a dollmaker website. The vial of light is more symbolic than anything; this is why his shrine gets a lantern.

If he has a name, he ain’t sharing, so I call him the Wolf. He tends to show up as an Arctic wolf with horns – usually ram’s horns. He’s like a guiding/guarding spirit, and he’s very…personal. He’s a teacher with some very hard lessons, but he won’t leave you high and dry unless you can get out of a situation yourself. I don’t think he interacts with humans very much, he’s still very wild in his heart. Domesticity would not suit him. He’s fierce and would be called loyal if that word didn’t imply subservience. But it seems like once you’ve got him, you’re stuck with him. And when he wants your attention, he’s persistent; I had a germ of a story I wanted to write about him, and it became a torrent of inspiration that would not let up until I had finished writing it a couple thousand words later…which wouldn’t have been a problem if I hadn’t been at work at the time.

I associate him most with autumn and winter, and I have a little jar of snowmelt I collected from the last storm for him in his shrine area. Soon I’ll have a lantern there too; for now, it’s just a red tea light holder shaped like an autumn leaf. He seems to like offerings of tea, preferably Earl Grey (and he will grudgingly accept decaf). There’s a small knife that’s for him, with antler in the handle, which will also go in his space when I can really set it up.

It’s unusual for me, dealing with an entity so closely linked to nature again. I haven’t been an “earthy” pagan for a good while now, and the nature stuff isn’t likely to make a huge comeback in my general practice with the advent of the Wolf. But it’s nice to see it around again anyway.


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