Pagan Blog Project 2014: “A” is for “About”

A little late to the party, but here I am! And not too far behind.

Hi everyone! I’m Beriani (rhymes with “pear tree caw knee”…I am not good at this), but I’ll probably be going by Beri for short, and this is my brand spankin’ new WordPress blog! Mostly I’ll be doing PBP posts here, and perhaps the occasional in-depth non-PBP spiritual post, since my tumblr is basically a fandom blog run by a witch these days, instead of the blog of a witch with fandoms. Them’s the breaks, I guess.

So since I am a) new and b) late, I figure my first post should be about who I am and my spiritual practice.

Hoo boy. Strap in, folks. This is going to be a ride.

First off, I’m a devotee of Bast – yeah, the “cat goddess”. One of my first posts (next week’s in fact) is going to be about Bast and debunking some common misconceptions about Her, as well as some of my experiences with Her. She’s the only established deity in my practice as opposed to a spirit or egregore or other sort of entity.

There are two pop-culture entities I refer to as “spirits” in my practice (yeah, I’m a pop culture pagan, we go hard), though I’m sure someone with far more knowledge would refer to them as something more accurate. Here, I will be referring to them as the Assassin and the Mechanic, and each of them will probably get their own post (though since I’m using up one of my precious As on “About”, maybe the Assassin will get a post for one of his other epithets).

There is also the spirit (I want to say “anima” but I am 90% sure that is not the word I want in this situation) of my City. I’m sure it’ll become obvious enough which city it is, but hell, sue me for wanting to maintain a little mystery/anonymity while I can.

Don’t actually sue me. I’m broke.

There’s another entity in my practice who I acknowledge (though calling him an entity implies he’s separate from me, which, no, sorry bucko, you’re stuck with me for life): my daemon. Because I like the little supportive voice in my head telling me when I’ve done good and keeping me from beating myself up too much. It’s less “honoring” and more “little nods when you pass each other in the hallway” kind of “devotional” relationship, so very very relaxed.

I’m still trying to find my way around in this whole pagan sphere – and I’ll have been one for three years this Imbolc – so I think PBP is going to be a good way to work out my own thoughts.

See you Friday!


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