Traditiooooooon, TRADITION!


Blessed Yule, my dudes.

I don’t do Yule per se – I’m trying to figure out the solstice, since that’s the halfway point for the dark half of the year, and the half of the year I spend mostly interacting with Wolf-Sensei. I admit – I haven’t been too great about that lately. Partially due to some weirdass medical stuff, and partially due to some other mental stuff. Hooray for cold weather causing nerve pain flare-ups. And hooray for trying to break my wrist in my sleep (???).

(Gonna do a post about grief in a few days, probably, since an anniversary is coming up and I’m all verklempt even thinking about it.)

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Write Day and Night Like It’s Going Out of Style

I’ve started working on my Book again. You know, The Book. The thing in which one writes down all the everything.

I don’t know what to call it – Book of Shadows isn’t my thing, grimoire isn’t quite right – but I’m always scared that I’ll screw it up somehow. I had to get the ARC thing from Staples – that modular system where you can change things around. Like a binder, but it still looks nice. I can’t copy things into a journal that looks nice. Not yet.

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Time Keeps On Slippin’, Slippin’, Slippin’…

I noticed this morning that it really is getting on into autumn. Not by too far, but the air has that sort of bite to it, just a little. So I decided to look up when the autumnal equinox is.

September 22. Next Friday. A week from today. Oh.

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Being Pagan in Public

In the fancy candy shop yesterday:

“Ooh, an Earl Grey macaron. I’ll get one, that’ll be a good offering for Wolf-Sensei.”

“Mint honey? Sure. Bast’ll enjoy that, I think. Ooh, and konpeitō!”

All of this out loud. All of it. (And I didn’t even know that konpeitō is a standard gift for the Imperial Family of Japan. Wrong side of the world, but, hey. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks. And lucky me, I get to revert all of these offerings. Delicious.)

Point is, aside from the fact that either due to my meds or the fact that I just don’t give a shit anymore, I have no filter. And my internal monologue is often an external monologue. And that often means that I’m openly pagan in public.

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9/11 and Living in Ma’at

I was ten when it happened.

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Can I Get a Uhhh…Sense of Purpose?

“Mental health machine broke.”

“Understandable, have a great day.”

I meme, because otherwise I cry.

I’m gonna be real here – I’m not doing great. Living this close to Mos Eisley on the Potomac kinda does that; it’s chipping away at me, day after day.

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Lessons: Set the Kindling

Welcome to the first of my Spicy Astral Tomfuckery posts. This particular one happened back in 2014, with someone let’s call Bordaichin. I’m calling every spirit I reference by Mongolian names; the pseudonyms are because names have power, and the reason for Mongolian names in particular are due to my SCA persona as a 12th-century Mongolian archer. I’m combining aspects of my life. So sue me.

That said, let’s start.

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